Alison Banbury:

Give your horse the time he needs

The modern generation, which I’m part of by the way, gets immediate gratification from their cell phones, next-day or even same-day delivery and all kinds of things that weren’t possible twenty years ago.

Twenty years ago, everything took longer. With horses,  it’s still like that. You can’t get immediate results and fast track them.

You have to be patient and take the time to develop your horse. There might be training methods out there that give you the impression you can get a certain posture very fast or that a horse of a certain age has to be on this or that level, but in the end your horse tells you how fast things will go.

It was great sitting down with Alison Banbury and talking to her about the time it takes to train and develop your horse:

Alison is a big fan of Rien’s training method and his online training program. If you also want to learn more about training your horse in a positive and logical way, check out his online program.