my story

There was a time when I was pretty frustrated with how things were going with my ‘dressage career.’ I wasn’t making a lot of progress in training, the competitions weren’t going too well either and injuries were messing up my ambitious plans.

Even though I put a lot of time, money and effort into my dressage career, it didn’t make me happy at all, making me wonder if it was all worth it.

The turning point came when I started the blog Paard&Lifestyle (Horse&Lifestyle). I met a lot of inspiring trainers, including Rien van der Schaft who became my trainer. Learning about his training method toally changed everything for me.

I started to make tremendous progress thanks to Rien and finally enjoyed dressage again. I set a new goal for myself: to reach Prix St. George with my horse (which we might achieve end of this year!).

Because Rien’s training method changed so much for myself and my horse, I was motivated to share Rien’s training method with the rest of the world. I wanted everybody to be able to learn about his training method.

So, we decided to create an online program in which Rien explains his training method from A to Z.

With DressagePro I hope to contribute to the dressage community by sharing the best knowledge. Knowledge of top trainers who know through years of experience what works and what does not work and how you can work with your horse in a pleasant and sustainable way.

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