Cindy Ishoy: if you want the ribbon, you have to work harder

If you want the ribbon, you have to work harder

This is such an inspiring story from Cindy Ishoy! It was great meeting Cindy and hearing her talk about training with Willi Schultheis, work ethic and her thoughts on Rien van der Schaft’s way of training.

Cindy is one of Canada’s most successful international dressage riders. In 1979, she became first Canadian to win an international dressage Grand Prix event. She was seventh at the 1986 World Championships and second at the 1988 World Cup in the Netherlands.

A member of Canada’s bronze medal winning dressage team at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Cindy was also fourth individually. She also competed at the 1980 Alternate Olympics in the Netherlands, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

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