Get the Perfect Balance without tension and pressure

Get step-by-step exercises for an uphill balance with looseness with the help from international top trainer Rien van der Schaft.

Get the Perfect Balance without tension and pressure

Get step-by-step exercises for an uphill balance with looseness with the help from international top trainer Rien van der Schaft.

Get the Perfect Balance without tension and pressure

Get step-by-step exercises for an uphill balance with looseness with the help from international top trainer Rien van der Schaft.

A lot of horses become tight in the back,

when you ask for more collection. 

Many horses come against the bit and lose impulsion. You’ll notice that the movement is no longer fluent and that the activity from back to front stagnates. 

This happens because…

Riders focus on a higher head-neck frame


A lot of riders try to get more collection by lifting the head-neck frame. 

But this will lead to false collection...


That means you will get an elevated head-neck position, but you won’t get an elevated forehand

And, as a result, the hind legs won’t come under and you will lose the looseness in your horse’s body.

False collection is not healthy for your horse


False collection won’t lead to the right collection, but it can lead to injuries. 

Think of injuries related to neck, back and tendon problems due to tightness, too much weight on the forehand and jerky movements.

What you do want is relative collection


You want the hind legs to come under the body and that you feel a nice, light and even connection.

That you feel that the center of gravity is beneath you and that you feel that the activity stays within your horse.

The head-neck frame should be in accordance with your horse's balance.

Rien van der Schaft

I used to have false collection...


I (Conny, founder DressagePro) had started three horses on Third Level, but that really doesn’t say anything!

I rode them too round and with too much focus on the front, because well… everyone was doing it like that.

And when I look around, many riders do it still.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize at the time that I wasn’t training my horses the right way.

In 2015 I met Rien and a whole new world opened up to me. He explained about getting the perfect balance without pressure. 

I really thought to myself: “why am I hearing this now, while I’ve been riding for almost 25 years?” From that moment onwards, I totally changed my training method and I discovered that everything became a lot more clear and fun!

Not only for myself, but also for my horse.

Now I am a hobby rider competing at Fourth Level with good scores and a happy horse, on our way to Prix St. Georges.

Meet your trainer: Rien van der Schaft

He has over 45 years of experience and produced many horses to Grand Prix level.

Based on classical principles, his method is known all over the world for being very logical and friendly towards the horse.

Rien is currently the National Team Coach of Finland and has been the team coach for two other countries in the past.

Every rider should know this...


I found out that Rien has a very logical system. This makes riding much easier. You get handles and exercises so yo can respond in every training session on what is important for your horse at that moment.

Over the years, Rien has trained many horses and riders to the highest level with an honest, friendly and logical training method.

Mainly in countries such as the United States and South Africa, Rien has guided many riders.

Around 2017, Rien was national coach of the Dutch Grand Prix dressage riders and now he is the head coach of the Finnish dressage team.

Rien was a member of the Dutch dressage team from 1979 to 1983 and has participated in, among other things, the substitute Olympic Championship in Goodwood, two European Championships and a World Championship.

For years Rien trained with mr. Piet Oothout what has shaped him in equestrianism.

Rien and I started to capture his training method in 2015, and those videos have resulted in our online training.

A training program that I’m super proud of. Because in my eyes it truly helps riders to achieve a higher level.

Every rider should know this training method if you want to train better.

And that’s what DressagePro is all about.

Making good knowledge accessible to riders, like you and me. Only together, we can bring about positive change in the dressage arena.


Introducing the Perfect Balance Course

Establish an equal connection, improve your horse’s balance and keep looseness with our online training program. 

 If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of impulsion, lack of relaxation, or lack of percentage at competitions… This is the training you’ve been looking for! 

This is how Perfect Balance Course will help you:

Step #01 Improve the Left-Right Balance

First we are going to help you to improve the left-right balance (‘straightness’) of the horse, with the consequence that the horse gets equal in the hand. This means that the horse is also more willing to accept the softer rein. This is very important, because when your horse distributes his weight over his four legs, the risk of getting injuries will be lower.

🗸 Establish an equal connection on two reins
🗸 Prevent injury by resolving the asymmetry
🗸 Get exercises to straighten your horse

Step #02 Influencing the Front - Hind Balance

In this part, ‘First Movements for Collection’, we continue with influencing the front – hind balance of your horse. In other words, making sure the hindquarters start carrying more weight and getting the weight off the front legs. We give you exercises to help your horse towards the optimal balance and let you focus on influencing balance rather than influencing the posture.

🗸 Improve your horse’s balance with exercises in walk
🗸 Learn how your horse can carry itself more from the back, without shorten the neck
🗸 Find out how to start collecting without tension

Step #03 Introduce Lateral Movements

There are several exercises that you can use to improve the balance of your horse. Rien explains which exercises these are and when to use them. As a result, the haunches will get a carrying function instead of pushing. It’s very important that you get a good idea of which aids you need to give for which exercise, so we give you a system of aids.

🗸 How to ride lateral movements for even more collection
🗸 Different ways to use lateral movements
🗸 Make you horse lighter on forehand and shifting more weight towards his haunches

Step #04 Use Transitions (within the gait)

Then Rien will tell you everything you need to know about tranisitions and changes of speed. You can adjust the transitions to the level of the horse that you’re riding. It’s important that you ride them in the correct manner, because if you don’t… the exercise has no purpose and won’t benefit your horse. In other words, you have to do it right for a positive influence on the balance of your horse.

🗸 How you can use transitions to collect your horse
🗸 Prevent your horse from pushing of his hind legs when you’re going forward with extended gaits
🗸 Discover everything about the half halts

BONUS: Step #05 Invite your horse to the half steps

The result of step #01 till #04 is that your horse will have more collection, more freedom in the shoulder and the hindquarters will be able to carry more weight. To train your horse even further in this you can use the halbe tritte. Rien explains step by step how you can start with this exercise and what you should pay attention to.

🗸 Why halbe trite will improve the balance of your horse
🗸 How to ride the halbe tritte
🗸 This exercise is a great preparation for Piaffe and Passage

They can do it, and so can you !

"Rien explains how to ride the whole horse and not only the neck, in a very simple way, because he divides everything into small steps..."*

Fransesca Newman

"Incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of the horses psychological and emotional world and great respect for the rider..."*

Jane Karol

"It's really great for people to have the ability to see and experience what it should be like. Developing your eye for what is good and what is not..."*

Kristen Schwaegerle

Easy to follow videos &
suitable for all horses

The training consists of a logical, step-by-step, approach. The video’s are short and easy to follow. This method is suitable for all horses and all breeds and also for riders of all levels.

Professional & Personal Guidance

Rien van der Schaft will help you to reach your full potential, and a team of support heroes are available to assist you. Join the Live Q&A’s and send videos of your training for feedback.

More than 5,000 riders from over 35 countries went before you.

Share your photos, thoughts and experiences on your own profile in our supportive community.

 Your fellow equestrians will be there for you. It’s like Facebook for horse people!

EXTRA🎁 | Workbook

Yup, that’s right! you'll get a huge digital workbook with many summaries and exercises.

What's in the workbook:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the most frequent questions and answers. Do you have another question? Let us know in the chat below!

We’ve got riders and horses of all levels.

However, to get the most out of this training, it will be useful if you have experience with the basic principles. As the fundamentals are crucial if you aim to increase your horse’s level in the correct way.

Big chance it does. Rien’s method respects the way in which horses learn and it’s developed in a way that your horse’s body will become stronger over time. He has been training horses for over 45 years and he’s never encountered a horse on which his method didn’t work.

However, not all horses have the same level of talent, so sometimes it can take longer for one horse than for the other to improve his level. But Rien says that every horse can give you a good feeling and it doesn’t matter how much talent he has.

Rather, the training method will not suit every rider. If you especially want to ride your horse low, deep and round or with a draw rein and you are looking for a ‘quick trick’ to solve a problem, then this online training and training method is not for you.

Nope, you’ll get unlimited access once you’ve completed your payment! 

This training is perfect for you if you already have the Basic Principles or Solid Foundation Course. It’s the next step to start improving the balance of your horse. 

Any doubts? We’re always more then happy to help you out! You can either join the Live Q&A’s with Rien or email us at

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