Presteq. The most comfortable bridle for your horse?

Presteq. The most comfortable bridle for your horse?

Today we’re having a look at the new Presteq Anatomical Bridle Faysport.

It’s available in several stores now. Wayana has the bridle in black, but it’s also available in brown.

What is so special about this Presteq bridle?

Presteq broadly researched the anatomy of the horse’s head. The Presteq Anatomical Bridle Faysport was designed using the results of this research.

This horse-friendly bridle is the only bridle that has twelve anatomical features. Because of this features the horse isn’t disturbed in any way while riding.

The horse doesn’t feel any unnecessary pressure or blockages.

The pressure distribution ensures more comfort for the horse

We have used the Presteq bridle several times now and we’re super happy with it! What we like about this bridle is that the special noseband doesn’t give pressure against the molars and cheeks, however, fits high enough to avoid the tip of the nose bone.

Wayana can be a little bit pushy when the noseband is too low and tight and pressures the nose bone. With this bridle, she has a much better pressure distribution which ensures more comfort. Because the flash strap is attached to the sides of the bridle, the bit is quieter in the mouth.

With the side clips, you can put on the bridle with ease

As seen in the picture below, this bridle has side clips. All the straps are provided with clips. Because of these, you can put on the bridle super quick and easy.

Another nice feature is that the bridle is padded with a gel filling. By adding a gel filling instead of a regular filling, the pressure is distributed better which ensures more comfort for the horse.

The browband is available in several colors, so you can shine in the ring! We are very content with this bridle. Besides the fact that it’s a very friendly bridle, it’s also of exceptional quality.

Would you like to win this bridle?

Would you like to win the Presteq Anatomical Bridle Faysport?

Leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to win this bridle! You can apply until Sunday 27 September. On Monday the 28th of September we’ll announce the winner!

We are very content with this bridle. Besides the fact that it’s a very friendly bridle, it’s also of exceptional quality. We are so excited we can make someone else happy with this bridle!

The winner can choose a Presteq Anatomical Bridle in the color brown or black and in size cob or full.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi
    I like the look of the Presteq bridle. I have two sensitive horses. My mare dislikes all bis so not sure this bridle would help her but I rescued a colt who is now six and one of the many issues he has is that he is head shy due to white plaque in his ears.
    I’m looking for a comfy bridle that would be easy to assemble on his head. We don’t pull the bridle over his ears; we first place the neck piece above his head, then open the cheek piece and slide bit in and reattach the cheek piece. He is happy with this method as we don’t touch his ears.
    If this bridle is easy to clip on I’d love to have a try.
    Kind Regards
    Mari Rantanen

  2. Ja! Ik wil dit Hoofdstel graag winnen om mijn jonkie mee in the rijden! Het lijkt mij een super fijne ervaring voor een jong dier ?

  3. Another great opportunity! Ofcourse I would love to win this for my sensitive Arab gelding. I think it would help us with rising and the contact hand-mouth.

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