FREE Online Masterclass with Rien van der Schaft

How to solve contact problems


Virtual Live Event for equestrians that don‘t want to ride their horses ’deep and round’

but riders that search for a harmonious partnership with their horse.

Rien will teach 4 riders at different levels, with a focus on ‘connection problems’.

How do you get a good, solid connection with a light contact?

And how do you prevent your horse from wanting to come against the bit? Or behind the vertical? Or maybe your horse is heavy or uneven on the rein?

Find out during the free Online Masterclass!

Ask questions about connection issues.

There’s also the opportunity to ask Rien your questions during the Q&A.

Perhaps you are dealing with a connection problem yourself? Rien is there to help!

He’ll give you tips suitable for your level and situation.

And we’ll have a huge interactive chat to help you out!

Join the Online Masterclass about ‘connection problems’ for FREE

  • Rien will teach 4 combinations of different levels that deal with a specific problem in the connection.
  • You‘ll be able to ask questions during the Live Q&A’s
  • And we’ll have awesome giveaways 🎁