Get the perfect connection, with our new 'Solid Foundation Course' 🎉

Under the guidance of top dressage coach Rien van der Schaft

Get the perfect connection,
with our new 'Solid Foundation Course' 🎉

Under the guidance of top dressage coach Rien van der Schaft



This course is for riders that...

Want to get a perfect connection without forcing their horse into a “round frame”. 

It’s for riders that want to increase their level without compromising the health of their horse.

Meet your trainer:
Rien van der Schaft

He has over 40 years of experience and produced many horses to Grand Prix level.

Based on classical principles, his method is known all over the world for being very logical and friendly towards the horse.

What you get in the Solid Foundation Course

This training course consists out of 5 modules:

Module #01
Phases of Balance

🗸 The goal of riding dressage
🗸Discover what the signs are of a correct moving horse
🗸 What happens in my horse’s body?

Module #02
The Three Basic Principles

🗸 Find out what the Three Basic Principles are
🗸 Why the Three Basic Principles are crucial for every horse
🗸 What the number #1 mistake is that riders make

Module #03

🗸 7 causes why your horse is lacking forwardness
🗸 The difference between riding fast and riding forward
🗸 How you can get your horse more forward without driving all the time

Module #04
The Contact Rein

🗸 Why you should ride with the Contact Rein
🗸 How the Contact Rein will help connection problems
🗸 Practical examples of riding with the Contact Rein at various levels.

Module #05
The Circle of Energy

🗸 How you can get the Circle of Energy and what the benefits are for you and your horse
🗸 Vary in head-neck positions
🗸 Practical examples of the Circle of Energy

Easy to follow videos &
suitable for all horses

The training consists of a logical, step-by-step, approach. The video’s are short and easy to follow.

This method is suitable for all horses and all breeds.

Professional & Personal Guidance

Rien van der Schaft will help you to reach your full potential, and a team of support heroes are available to assist you.

Join the Live Q&A’s and send videos for feedback.

More than 5,000 riders from over 35 countries went before you.

Share your photos, thoughts and experiences on your own profile in our community.

 Your fellow equestrians will be there for you. It’s like Facebook for horse people!

They can do it, and so can you!

EXTRA🎁 | Workbook

Yup, that’s right! You'll get a huge digital workbook with many summaries and exercises.

What's in the workbook:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the most frequent questions and answers. Do you have another question? Let us know in the chat below!

We’ve got riders and horses of all levels, people that visit riding schools, riders with green horses, all the way up to Grand Prix riders. However, to get the most out of this training, it will be useful if you have some basic knowledge about horse riding and dressage, but it’s not required.

Big chance it does. Rien’s method respects the way in which horses learn and it’s developed in a way that your horse’s body will become stronger over time. He has been training horses for over 45 years and he’s never encountered a horse on which his method didn’t work.

However, not all horses have the same level of talent, so sometimes it can take longer for one horse than for the other to improve his level. But Rien says that every horse can give you a good feeling and it doesn’t matter how much talent he has.

Nope, you’ll get unlimited access once you’ve completed your payment! 

Any doubts? We’re always more then happy to help you out! You can either join the Live Q&A’s with Rien or email us at

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