Get a perfect connection
in just 4 steps

Avoid pushing and pulling with the friendly and logical training method of Rien van der Schaft.

If you’re searching for a different approach

This is a training for riders that don’t want to force their horse in a “round frame”. Luckily there’s another way!

A road that leads to a better connection between you and your horse, so you can reach the highest level and avoid injuries.

Get a stable contact.

A fine connection in which your horse doesn’t come against your hand, feels uneven or rigid.

More activity without tension

No need to keep driving your horse forward, and get more impulsion without stress.

Ride your horse more uphill.

Your horse will raise his front and seem lighter, because his haunches take over the weight.

Train your horse with Rien’s training method

Rien’s training method is internationally known as a very clear and friendly method.

Currently, Rien is the coach of the Finnish dressage team. Based on classical training principles, his way of training consists of a logical and a step-by-step approach

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You can follow this course at your own speed, step-by-step you’ll work to improve your level.

Many Trainings Videos

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Useful Workbooks

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Accessible from any device

Follow the training on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone

Community with like-minded riders

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Including 6 themes

The training is divided in six themes in which we discuss everything you need to know to educate your horse in a friendly way.

Theme 1 The Three Basic Principles

Get the basics right, and get a good foundation for every training session.

Get a true connection

Get more forwardness

Discover what phase of training you’re in

Theme 2 The Circle of Energy

Get a connection from back to front.

Get a forward downward direction in your contact.

You learn to keep the energy that you raise within your horse.

Get a stable contact.

Theme 3 Straightening

Improve the symmetry in your horse.

Get an equal contact on both reins.

Avoid injuries by solving the asymmetry in the bosy of your horse.

Get exercises to improve the left-right balance within your horse.

Theme 4 Towards the horizontal balance.

Discover how your horse can shift more weight towards his haunches.

Improve the balance of your horse.

Learn how your horse can reach more self carrage.

Find out how you can collect your horse without tension

Theme 5 More collection without force

Learn to collect your horse in a logical way.

Get exercises for more collection

Learn how you can extend the gaits and ride transitions in the correct way.

Discover how to execute perfect simple and flying changes.

Theme 6 The step towards the highest level

Teach your horse the exercises, such as piaffe, passage and pirouettes

Discover what the first steps towards the piaffe and passage are.

Reach the highest possible level of connection with your horse

Improve the balance with exercises such as halbe tritte, pirouettes, piaffe and passage

More than 5.000 riders from 35 countries went before you.

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