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Questions about my level

For every dressage rider. We’re convinced that this training is the foundation to ride your horse in the right way. You’ll achieve a higher level with your horse, in a friendly and logical manner.

We’ve got riders and horses of all levels, people that visit riding schools, riders with green horses, all the way up to Grand Prix riders. However, to get the most out of this training, it will be useful if you have some basic knowledge about horse riding and dressage, but it’s not required.

Yes definitely! This training is very suitable if you want to set a good foundation with your horse. Especially the video’s from the first themes will be extremely helpful.

This training is useful for everyone who wants to learn more about dressage. Whether you own a horse, have a lease horse, or ride at a riding school.

It’s very useful if you aim to learn more about riding techniques, but sometimes it can be challenging if other riders ride the same horse with a different approach. That might make it hard to truly improve the horse you’re riding.

But if your ambition is to improve your own riding skills, then you should definitely go for this training, and perhaps you’ll inspire others around you as well!

Rien believes that 99% of all riding difficulties are the results of one thing: not having the three basic principles established. So this training will help you, even if your goal is to improve the exercises at the higher levels.

Big chance it does. Rien’s method respects the way in which horses learn and it’s developed in a way that your horse’s body will become stronger over time. He has been training horses for over 45 years and he’s never encountered a horse on which his method didn’t work.

However, not all horses have the same level of talent, so sometimes it can take longer for one horse than for the other to improve his level. But Rien says that every horse can give you a good feeling and it doesn’t matter how much talent he has.

Questions about the platform

The only thing you need to do the online training is a good internet connection. Then you’re able to watch the videos on your phone, tablet, or computer. Wherever and whenever it suits you.

That shouldn’t be a problem. The online training has a logical structure and in the emails, we explain in detail how everything works. Having trouble? We’re always more then happy to help you out, you can always email us at

You’ll receive everything digital. After signing up, you’ll log in through the website and you’ll land in the DressagePro Community. From there, you’ll be able to watch all the videos, download the workbooks, and ask questions. Also on your tablet or smartphone, and you’ll keep access for the rest of your life.

At the moment the training consists out of more then 130 videos spread over 6 themes.

The video lengths vary between 5 and 30 minutes.

No you can’t download them, but you can watch the videos from any device.

A step-by-step training with clear explanation, logical videos, and access to Live Q&As with Rien van der Schaft. With each theme, you’ll get a workbook, practical examples on different levels and of course access to our fun community of like-minded riders.

Yes that’s possible! You decide which information you like to share, or not. If you don’t update your profile after becoming a member and don’t introduce yourself, you’ll remain anonymous.

Questions about the themes

Contact problems are the result of not having the three basic principles established (enough). The three basic principles will be discussed in the first theme of our online training.

Are you experiencing unequal rein pressure? That usually results from your horse’s natural crookedness. Every horse has a hollow side and a strong side. Usually, your horse will pick up the rein on the strong side and will try to avoid contact on his hollow side. Rien will discuss this topic in the third theme of this training: “Straightening your horse”.

Forwardness is one of the three basic principles and Rien will explain this in great detail. For example, what is forwardness, how do you get it, and how do you know if your horse is enough forward? Because forwardness is not the same as going fast.

Your horse might be really fast, but he may still lacking forwardness. The first theme will really help your horse to become more relaxed. And you can always ask Rien your questions in the Live Q&A.

To rein back, it’s important that your horse has a good balance. If the weight of the horse is divided over his four legs, then rein back will be less difficult. In the training, you’ll get exercises to improve this.

We’ll talk about simple and flying changes in this online training. How do you prepare the changes and how change you improve them? You might have other problems such disunited flying changes or stolen changes. Rien will discuss all those challenges.

Each training you work towards a better balance of your horse. It’s important to feel when you can use which exercises and what will help your horse to improve. The online training gives you tools, so you can improve the balance of your horse. And step-by-step you’ll get closer to the ultimate level of collection.

Questions about the price

The online training costs €299,- or you may pay in 12 installments of €29,-.

Nope, this is not a membership. You’ll pay in once or in 12 installments and you’ll get unlimited access.

The free trial lasts for 7 days

Yes it does, you don’t need to take any action or email us.

You get unlimited access!

Because you’ll never finish learning in dressage, you’ll remain access to all the material from the DressagePro Makeover, including updates, and you can keep joining the Live Q&As.

Yes definitely. You can choose to pay in 12 installments or one payment.

Try for yourself. It’s totally free.