Alternative Medicine: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

– Written by Morgan Lashley – Black and white vs. fifty shades of grey When I heard the topic for this blog, something started itching in me right away. Because I have enough to say about alternative medicine. And also enough to nag about… Let me start with the fact that I myself, with my […]

Is There Harm In Trying Alternative Medecine?

– Written by Annika Rettig – ”Well, there’s no harm in trying” I hear my stablemate say for the umpteenth time about a certain remedy she’s going to try for her horse’s summer eczema. And I think this is how people often think in our horse world. We try all kinds of things for our […]

When It Doesn’t Help, It Does Hurt?

– Written by Jasmijn de Bruijn – Many horse owners like alternative medicine, herbal mixtures and ‘natural’ solutions for ailments and problems in their horses. ”They often have a certain mistrust towards regular veterinary care. A certain arrogance plays a role in this.” The arrogance lies in the fact that they think they understand the […]

Science With Golden Glitters

– Written by Anne Loosveld – As the daughter of an oncologist and an occupational physician, the dinner table conversations of my youth were mostly about very sensible things. “Sensible” to us meant mostly: reasonable. Rational. When you say something, you have to be able to prove it. And arguments based on emotion or gut […]

My new project horse

My ‘new’ project horse If you follow me on Instagram you might already know it… I’ve got a new horse! Her name is Dina and she arrived at our yard as Deborah’s ‘project horse’. But Deborah has discovered that she is pregnant (with twins!!!) And she didn’t feel 100% comfortable riding an unpredictable horse. Understandable, […]